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Selection of videos filmed and edited by me 

for Michelin Star restaurants and luxury restaurants

Presenting a gym

Presenting a brand

Coffee roaster Reel

TikTok Lifestyle Videos


Selection of viral videos, created for Extreme official social media channel UNREEL across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Victoria Beckham, E-commerce, Bag

Victoria Beckham, E-commerce, Glasses


A reel filmed and edited by me for Maud and Mabel gallery, London


Processo Creativo (2018) is a short film which want to tell the importance of working in a safe workspace, surrounded by a professional figure, in the Artistic field of Sculpture.

A Kimberly Fua and Danilo Borghi's production


ID, short for Identity is a documentary film project that aims to tell the story of the author and his life experience as a young black man adopted and raised by an Italian family in the city of Milan. The work stems from a deep personal thought and the need to tell for the first time what it means to be the only person of color during the author's childhood and adolescence. The key word is cultural identity, we have learnt how we identify ourselves in a social context in which we are considered by a large part of society not really included.


La verità del corpo (2020) is a short film created and directed by Martina Galbiati for NABA - Nuova Accademia di belle Arti Milano, filmed by me.
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